Ever taken to YouTube when faced with an Ableton predicament? Of course you have. I’ve been using Ableton for the better part a year now and can confirm that it is not only confusing but a real pain in the ass when it comes to the nitty gritty stuff, and you can spend countless hours trying to track down an answer for a certain question on the internet.

Thankfully, Ableton seems to understand this and has shared a 49-strong playlist videos that take you through their forthcoming Live 10 stware.

From simply setting up to installing packs or getting your head around the user interface, the videos seem to cover most if not all hurdles one might come across when using Ableton for the first time.

With Live 10 available now, you better dive into these tutorials below to get up to scratch. If you’re yet to decide on whether you want to commit to Ableton, give their 30-day free trial a crack right .