Above & Beyond's 'Common Ground' Drops Off Billboard 200 Chart
Since the release their new album this past January, Above & Beyond have been driving their fans crazy with a frenzy new tunes. Common Ground, which is said to be their , has been highly anticipated by their followers all around the world, so it’s no surprise that not even two weeks after coming out it reached the #3 ranking on the Billboard Top 200.

However, that position didn’t last for long, as from this week the British trio has disappeared from the ranking. Surprisingly, they didn’t just move down a couple numbers, they fell completely f the chart. Although the reason for this to happen is hard to tell, users have been already speculating that it could be due to the fact that Common Ground is an album made for fans only, so as to say that Above & Beyond are not attracting new adepts, but only keeping their old audience happy, who loyally went to buy the album as soon as it came out:

Whatever the real cause is, Common Ground is only another piece art for the trance universe. With intense vocals and meaningful lyrics, this album conveys a sense happiness, power and love. So even if they don’t make it to the charts, you can rest assured that Above & Beyond will never let you down.