One Australia’s most popular festivals, Rainbow Serpent shared an important message to festival goers this week, touching on the ten problematic topic drug use.

The post comes in the form a video and open letter to the festival’s 140,000-strong fanbase, and delves into the sheer fact that a chunk the 15,000 attendees WILL take drugs during their time there, and that there are ways to ensure they do so in the safest possible way.

Read their full letter and watch the video below:

Let’s talk about drugs…

Look it’s never easy to talk about drug use publicly due to the stigma created by decades failed government policy and a media industry that thrives on sensationalist hyperbole.

However, your lives are way too valuable not to have this conversation and while we wait for our government and law enforcement to acknowledge evidence based strategies that are working so well overseas such as pill testing and scrap the current strategies that so obviously make the situation worse it’s up to us (and yourselves) to try and keep those that choose to take a drug safe.

Rainbow Serpent takes place from Jan 26 – 29. For more info on the festival, click .