Bassnectar Releases Debut Album as Naux Faux

 Naux Faux – Enchanted

Freestyle, melodic electronica from the 1990’s. Did you ever think this would come from Bassnectar? Well, put him and longtime friend Sayr together and we give you: Naux Faux. Here’s a newly released album from Valentine’s Day. A transmission love entitled Enchanted. This is the first time he has revealed a collaborative project that has turned heads and boy has it!

This album is a hyper detail-oriented, yet extremely fun,side-project which celebrates the nostalgia the past. Imagine a warm beam sunlight on a lazy afternoon. Close your eyes and let these warm, dreamy sounds consume you.

The Bay Area producer pals bring an otherworldly, downtempo feel to this project for the masses. It will reverberate frequencies love, nostalgia, connection, and longing in everyone. Could this have been a better time for release? Grab someone special and listen to this. It’s not your ordinary wild style summer festival touring energy.

Meticulous execution the tracks transform listeners to a desert oasis with the sun peaking over the mountains after a long night shenanigans. From beginning to end, the EP conveys bewilderment, delirium, bliss, and wonder. It transcends you onto various planes consciousness. You can tell this was designed with precision to convey a sunrise set feel. Downtempo beats and feel good energy. What do you think his new style?

As for the name? Naux Faux comes from a play on words “nothing” and “phony”. Faux means fake so it suits this album’s nod to the era authentic electronic music. Lifelong art like this music is love. Magical and precious.

Naux Faux – Enchanted |