With the release his highly anticipated album just around the corner, London artist George FitzGerald has dropped his new single Outgrown, a stunning and beautiful track that sees fellow producer Bonobo work his magic on the single too.

George FitzGerald’s forthcoming album All That Must Be teases a bunch collaborations and centralises around his trademark emotive and electronic sounds. Teaming up with one the most respected producers in the industry Bonobo, Outgrown is a clear indication that the album is going to be a powerful project.

Outgrown dives into bright and textural sounds with simple and light percussive grooves accompanied by a st beat. Outgrown is the perfect combination both Bonobo and George Fitzgerald’s styles and it’s just simply breathtaking.

Praised by media outlets such as Mixmag, Q Magazine and UncutAll That Must Be is shaping up to be one the most mesmerising and well-crafted albums to be released this year.

All That Must Be comes out March 9  Domino Records and you can pre-order it .