At least 14 people have been killed overnight with 6 hospitalised after a shooting at a popular Brazilian nightclub.

The nightclub, located in the Brazilian city Fortaleza, was attacked during the early hours Saturday morning, and lasted for over 30-minutes before suspects fled the scene. It was that 2 minors were among the dead with a 12-year-old boy injured.

Speaking on the tragic news, head  Ceara state security secretariat that oversees police forces, Andre Costa said they have not pin-pointed a motive from the shooter, however it is likely attached to an ongoing rivalry between two drug gangs.

He added during a news segment with Globo news that “there is no reason for panic and fear… It is a one-f event, as occurs all over the world, with 50 or 60 deaths.”

he event occurs almost one year to the day a Mexican nightclub during BPM festival, an attack that resulted in four deaths.