Were your parents ravers? Because they may very well be in this video.

We have stumbled upon a 50-minute, highlight reel from a rave that took place at Alexandria’s Graffiti Hall Fame back in 1996, and it is an incredible showing the style at the time. In short, nothing has really changed.

From the fashion, to the hairstyles and even the dancing, this hardcore rave, known as 2036, really looks quite similar to events you might attend today. Bar a few unironic speed dealer sunnies here and there.

For those intrigued about the location – as I was – The Graffiti Hall Fame was a popular spot for raves during he 90s but has unfortunately been shut down. According to this the last party was Dutch Oven in 1999.

Check out the footage from 2036 below and enjoy your journey back to the 90s.