NPR has had some memorable “Tiny Desk” performances over the years.  This past week Chromeo squeezed onto the ‘stage’ and performed three tracks from their fifth album, “Head Over Heels”.  The duo, tag-teaming with a band for the first time, also added a twist of their smash hit “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”.  The band that performed with Chromeo happened to be based out of Washington, D.C., NPR’s hometown.  After their first song, Dave 1 did his usual entertaining introductions of himself and P-Thugg.  Being they were performing for NPR, it seemed only fitting that Dave 1 would sneak in that they come from Montreal where there’s “free health care”, a popular topic of the news station over the years.  They wrapped up with “Don’t Sleep” and “Must’ve Been”.

Check out the full article of Chromeo’s performance on NPR.

Photo NPR