Clean Bandit is known for crafting some of the biggest hits in modern day dance music. Their breakout single with Jesse Glynne ‘Rather Be’ and their most recent major hit ‘Rockabye’ both received millions of digital streams and thousands of hours of radio play over the last few years. Now the group has teamed up with one of the biggest modern day pop stars for their latest effort – ‘Solo’.

Clean Bandit and Demi Lovato – ‘Solo’

Clean Bandit did go through a bit of a transformation the last few years when their violinist left the group. This changed their signature production style greatly, and many were curious to see if the group could move forward. Clean Bandit has called on many different big name artists since then to help bring a fresh sound to their productions. Working with Sean Paul and now Demi Lovato has helped the trio continue to find major commercial success.

In their latest release ‘Solo’, Clean Bandit incorporates spades of instrumentation including classical guitar elements. This decision to rely on live instrumentation helps curate a distinct Latin vibe in sections of the song. That mixed with the many variations of style Demi pulls from in her vocals creates yet another track that will undoubtedly see hours of radio play. Clean Bandit has demonstrated once again that they know how to make a mainstream hit. Check out ‘Solo’ below.