It was some time ago that deadmau5 agreed to create the new intro theme for Dr Disrespect, a Twitch streamer who took two months f to cope with a crumbling marriage. Now that he’s back, the theme can finally be unleashed and it’s just as anthemic and “theme music”-esque as you might expect.

The 5-minute synth-laden, orchestral, slow burning track is the ultimate pump up music for building suspense. It’s classic deadmau5 so it all takes a little while to really get grooving, but the build up is part that ride, and it’s all the better once the main song really kicks into high gear.

Inspirations from old ’80s TV shows and movies are readily apparent, carrying that well-known dark and gritty Kavinsky vibe that was so prevalent in shows like Knight Rider or even Stranger Things. The intro theme even comes with samples crowds cheering and clapping to really hammer home the fact that Dr Disrespect is back.

Check out the track, ficially titled “Speed, violence, momentum.wav,” below.