Ravers Heat 2#DXCLUSIVE: SOL Development Disrupts Hopelessness With "Sweet Freedom"

#DXCLUSIVE: SOL Development Disrupts Hopelessness With "Sweet Freedom"

HipHopDX Premiere: Since Public Enemy’s Chuck D discovered the music SOL Development a few years ago, the Oakland-based group’s de facto leader Karega Bailey has been pumping out socially conscious Hip Hop with his bandmates at a rapid rate. Their latest video, “Sweet Freedom,” fers more insight into what SOL Development does as educators and musicians.

“This video highlights the responsibility lifting the voice the least, the left out and the looked over,” Bailey explains to HipHopDX. “It’s a reminder the sacrifices that are made for our children to free. But it is also a reminder how rewarding it is to see those babies receive the messages.

“This year marks 10 years service in education as a teacher and leader in urban education, and it has become even more evident for me the power music in its ability to touch hearts in ways lectures cannot,” he continues. “I find that music is medicine and there is power in owning your narrative. This record invited our students to find their joy and ultimately find their freedom.”

Watch the “Sweet Freedom” video above.

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