Jake Wood’s wife nearly got eaten alive [Wenn]

EastEnders star Jake Wood has opened up about the moment his wife was almost killed.

The Max Branning actor was on holiday with his family when his wife, Alison, was almost eaten alive.

The Woods family were enjoying a getaway in the USA with kids Buster and Amber when an alligator surprised them.

EastEnders’ star Jake Wood, with wife Alison and their children [Getty ]

Jake, who has been with Alison for 23 years, and his family were on a boat in the Florida Everglades when Alison jumped into the water, and came face to face the reptile.

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Shockingly, as Alison swam around the water the alligator started heading for her leaving Jake to look on in terror.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jake said: “I almost lost my wife to an alligator in Florida.

Jake had no idea there was an alligator in the water [Getty]

“We were out in a boat and she needed to get out. So, she was standing in the water about 15 feet away I see this thing floating down the river.

“So I’m looking at it and thinking: ‘It’s got to be a log or something. Got to be a log.’

“All of a sudden it f**king goes down and I f**king see an eye. All the kids are screaming, I’m screaming: ‘Get back in the boat!’

Jake Wood and wife Alison have been together for 23 years [Wenn]

“As soon as an alligator goes underwater you don’t know where it is, it was horrible. It was only about 15 feet away.”

The soap star didn’t realise how lucky his wife had been until he returned their hire boat.

“We got back to the shop and I went: ‘By the way, when we were going round that corner my wife got out of the boat’,’ he said. 

“He looked so shocked and he went: ‘I wouldn’t have got out of the boat. There’s that alligator there, he’s a maneater.'”