EDC Las Vegas has been one of the most anticipated events of the year. This year’s event is having its very first inaugural camping edition which has really amped up the excitement to another level. If you have camped at any other of Insomniac‘s festivals you know that they can deliver, however recent reports of campers arriving at Camp EDC show otherwise.

The most common issue seen is reports of excruciatingly painful long lines to get into the camp site. Today tweets have described wait times of up to 8 hours, with yesterday’s average wait time to get in being around 4-6 hours.


— moderately edm (@roflando_) May 18, 2018

What adds more difficulty to the situation is that yesterday a shooter was reported in Las Vegas and this incident led to the box office at the World Market Center to close early. While this was a smart move for safety reasons, several campers were unable to pick up their camping passes and no notice was given.

@EDC_LasVegas hey y’all!!! Would’ve been nice to tweet the people, letting everyone know that the box office CLOSED EARLY TONIGHT due to possible shooter at the mall 👀👀 people without tickets are fucked for camping right now

— Kaitlynn Anderson (@kaitjanderson) May 18, 2018

Additionally, several other problems have been developing with people tweeting that porta-potties have been overflowing, the festival being understaffed, and limited shower stations. These issues come as a surprise to such a large scale festival as EDC Las Vegas, and no comment has been issued from EDC about the difficulties. A simple advisory to “expect delays” and “arrive with a full tank of gas” was given.

If headed to #CampEDC, please arrive with a full tank of gas. Expect some routine delays as with any camping event. We appreciate your patience as we ensure the safe and secure entry of all Headliners. 🙂 #EDCLV2018

— EDC (@EDC_LasVegas) May 17, 2018

As campers arrive for the jam packed event, we’ll see what else unfolds for Camp EDC. Most recently, there have been a few reports of hazardous lighting in the air conditioned Shiftpods, and although quickly dealt with, this has shown a lack of attention to detail. Check out more details on the tweets below.

@EDC_LasVegas how can anyone who designed camp EDC think having a few shower stations with TWO showers is going to be helpful for the thousands of people here?? You guys are insane. If you want to offer camping to festival goers, it needs to be made sustainable. Disappointing.

— LB (@ElBatorski) May 18, 2018

the #EDC tweets complaining about how big of a shit show camping is rn are 10000 times funnier when you remember these ppl actually thought camping at edc was a good idea in the first place..

— kp (@kelseypaige__) May 18, 2018

Searched up EDC camping & this popped up 😭😂 pic.twitter.com/QMgXDaCx86

— ✖乃尺リム刀✖ (@xbxyxnx) May 17, 2018

@EDC_LasVegas Insomniac has a lot of experience as a company handling camping festivals. To be understaffed for your biggest event of the year is a huge disappointment. Not mad at being thorough, but much better planning could have happened and you know it.

— Dylan Haehn (@Dill_Bill) May 18, 2018