Ekali lampoons EDM subgenres

EDC Vegas is currently going, and in part the EDM Community seems to have its hands full at the moment. This hasn’t stopped DJ & Producer Ekali, as he manages to find some time to poke fun at some of dance musics biggest subgenres. Before he begins the fun, Ekali does give us a quick disclaimer in that “this thread is meant to be read in good humor”. The Vancouver based DJ/Producer also states that he is aware he is roasting himself in a couple cases.

House Music

Ekali begins his rant with everyones favorite, house music. He tweets “I love how in house music, the tracks always include someone talking about house music”.

In our house and this house is the only house that houses, even if it’s not your house, in the beginning it was about house and now it’s about house, it will always be about *beat stops* HOUSE MUSIC

Boom sss kt ssss

— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018

It can’t be denied that we have all heard this famous sample at some point in time.


And then Riddim songs be like

* deep rumbling and eerie melody for one minute *

Voice taken from a poorly English dubbed anime comes in


*knife swish sample*


— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018

If your familiar with Riddim, this is pretty spot on.


The genre made famous by artist such as Coone, Showtek, & Headhunterz is not safe from Ekali’s roasting, as he goes in on the genre as well.


2 minute buildup with 500 vengeance / cymatics riser samples and *prydasnare.wav intensifies*

MC who sounds straight out of Mortal Kombat 2 Collectors Edition

“The universe has ended. All human life is extinct. All that remains is the HARD BASS”


— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018


Some good laughs at some of our favorite Trap producers expense.


A 19 yr old suburban kid from a gated community in Arizona has just moved to LA to make it big. He cites his influences as “real trap muzik none of that rap bullshit”

His music sounds like If his Ultraboosts and zanerobe slingshot joggers could use ableton all on their own

— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018

Future Bass

I had to do a little research to find out what an edgelord was, but safe to say Future Bass was caught in the cross hairs.

Future Bass

The artist SoundCloud profile says “born in 2008 Davis CA” and the rest is in Japanese so you have no clue what the fuck this edgelord is up to

4 tabs are open in Firefox, each with a new “how to make Porter language synth” tutorial. Every song is a collab.

— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018


Last but not least, Techno.


A bald (by choice) man stands over $50k of analog gear. Hes smoked 3 packs of Marlboro reds in the last hour. The background on his blackberry 4 is a photo he snuck in berghain. He hasnt slept because his song has been building up for seven days. Suddenl-


— 🍃EKALI🍃 (@EkaliMusic) May 17, 2018

I’m sure we can all relate.

You can catch Ekali at EDC Las Vegas Saturday, playing Cosmic Meadow (Main Set) from 11:05PM-12:05AM, again B2B with DrFresch at the Parliament Art Car 2:30AM-3:15AM, and Sunday B2B with Medasin at the Kalliope Art Car 12:30AM-1:30AM.


Checkout Ekali & Medasin Forever (feat. ELOHIM) here.