Elements Music Festival Becomes the First to Accept Bitcoin for TicketsThe cryptocurrency frenzy is not like what it was like in 2017. Values Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have plummeted since it’s viral ascend through late last year. However, even with their decline, Elements Music & Arts Festival in Lakewood, Pennsylvania, has now become the first festival to accept cryptocurrency in exchange for tickets.

This may be exciting news for some you but keep in mind that the procedure is a little different than that purchasing tickets with your credit card. Being that cryptocurrency is constantly fluctuating in value, you must submit a request email notifying Elements Festival your order and they will respond with a quote. In addition, your order must exceed the minimum purchase value $200. Click for full details purchasing Element Music & Arts Festival tickets. At the end the day, is there really a better way to cash out your declining cryptocurrency than by purchasing festival tickets? I think not.