Last week we brought you a truly one of kind remix of The Chainsmokers by the artist, Linn. This week have the pleasure of featuring another work from the brilliant vocalist. This time she has been featured on the new record from Ellusive & Severo off of Lowly Palace, ‘What If She Knows’. The song is downright otherworldly.

What If She Knows

While there is no doubt that the high point of this production are the vocals from Linn, Ellusive & Severo have crafted a truly astounding production around her airy vocals. The slow, orchestral synths which parade in the back and slowly develop of the course of the song are captivating. The beat floats on, as the lyrics tell a story of falling in love with someone who cannot match the devotion of another in a relationship due to a lingering interest in a different girl.

The emotional impact of this song is profound, and the production is just a dream come true. All in all this single is a work of art, that highlights so much of what is right in dance music at the current moment. We cannot wait to see what comes next from both Ellusive & Severo and Linn as 2018 continues to develop. Check out ‘What If She Knows’ below.