Feature: What’s In Our Inbox? #82

Various Artists : Passing Strangers : 7.5 out of 10
Rexx Arkana, of FGFC820 fame, has recently started a record label called Haus Arkana. While the true machinations of this label are unknown, it seems to be headed in the right direction with plans for festivals and promotions in the works. If there’s anything to go off of, it’s that he’s on the right path with the release of “Passing Strangers”, a quadruple compilation featuring a ton of talent in the industrial scene. Now, as with most compilations, the quality from artist to artist varies, and there will be songs that you love and songs that you absolutely hate on here. BUT, considering there’s sixty featured artists on four discs, you’re bound to find something you love. Unfortunately, the whole compilation is unavailable for streaming, so I leave this picture of the physical copy below. Along with this LINK letting you know where to buy it. 

Isserley : Blonde Remorse : 7.5 out of 10
One of my favorite Australian electronic acts, Isserley, has just released a brand-new EP titled “Blonde Remorse”. As with most of Isserley’s discography, she doesn’t really follow any suite of rules; she’s experimental through and through. A raucous romp of noisy drum’n’bass is featured on ‘Head’; classic witchhouse-ery is found on ‘Everything but Everything’; and it rounds itself out with ‘Worms’, another classic witchhouse event. Available on Bandcamp and released in conjunction with Tigersquawk Records. Check it out. 

Derision Cult : Mercenary Notes Pt 1 : 7.5 out of 10
The much-needed facelift that Derision Cult was so desperately in need of. When last we left Derision Cult, we listened to their album “Charlatans Inc.”. While I saw the potential in the album, I found a few too many complaints to completely recommend it and sent it off with a smooth 6.5 out of 10. What was missing was a damned fine producer, and founder Dave McAnally went out in search of said producer and came across Glitch Mode’s very own Sean Payne. What we get is a much, much cleaner album filled with industrial metal antics and thrash sounds. Still sticking to his guns with overall improved quality. If you missed out on the hot sauce, I feel sad for you. 

Brighter Than a Thousand Suns : Shame : 8 out of 10
This duo is back and kicking ass with their blend of industrial meeting pop. As you should know if you follow this site, I found their previous single ‘Avatism’ to be a sheer delight. I’m ecstatic to share my opinion in that I find their latest single ‘Shame’ to be of grand status. Sticking to their guns, BTATS kicks out deep cuts of rough 80s beats filled with the experimental synth nature of all things industrial. Like a long-lost soundtrack to a John Carpenter-esque film such as Escape From New York. At least that’s how I imagine it, anyway. Stream below. 

TERZO : Cymbeline : 9 out of 10
What I’ve come to hate out of post-punk, darkwave, shoegaze, and other related genres are the multitude of bands who bring nothing new to the genre. Most of this drivel is released in lo-fi quality; while that can work on a in the hands of skilled musicians, most use it as an art-house excuse to say that their music is “supposed to sound that way”. I also feel as if, with post-punk being ever-popular as of late, a lot of musicians are rushing into the field as a cheap cash grab. However, every once in a while a band like TERZO comes along and tears apart conventions. This is the case with their latest single ‘Cymbeline’ which is a ten-minute and forty-six second ballad. While they state their influences come from darkwave, drone, and shoegaze, this single sounds like something straight off of a doom metal album. It’s a gorgeous piece, atmospheric from start-to-finish. Serene vocals give off nightmarish dreams. Sping tingles from beginning to end; a song that made me shut up and appreciate. 

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