Closing off 2019 in powerhouse style is Sydney based producer and DJ Hydraulix. Presenting “Spanner” on WAKAAN, the artist wows his fans with a stunning change of pace.

Hydraulix – Spanner

This record is an upfront D&B thriller with slamming vocal chops and a brilliantly dark bassline. Able to switch seamlessly through genres with his production, Hydraulix gets energy levels to overwhelming heights with this 174BPM stomper.

“I first heard jump up drum & bass in the form of DJ Hazard’s ‘Mr Happy’ in 2010. I instantly fell in love with the infectious nature of the melody and subsequently did a trap bootleg of the track in 2014 – it was the first music I’d produced that got any traction, even though DJ Hazard publicly roasted me on Twitter for remixing the track without permission…
Fast forward 5 years and jump up is going through somewhat of a resurgence throughout Europe and especially in Australia and New Zealand, I’ve really been digging the stuff by Hedex, Kanine and Banzai and I wanted to try my hand at it bringing my own style and flavour to the genre as someone who typically produces more trap, dubstep, and weird bass. I hope everyone digs the track, and DJ Hazard, if you’re reading this, you have my permission to bootleg the tune!” – Hydraulix