We couldn’t contain our excitement when we  The Glitch Mob was about to release a remix for Illenium‘s “Crawl Outta Love!” And we’re completely freaking out now that the world is hearing the first glimpse it!

Both artists involved just shared the same 30-second snippet the track, which sounds amazing but doesn’t give away too much. From the teaser alone, it’s hard to tell where The Glitch Mob is headed with their remix, but it’s clear that “Crawl Outta Love” has been completely transformed.

The smash from Illenium’s latest album Awake is amazing as it is, but with The Glitch Mob behind the new remix we have no doubt it’s going to be a heart-stopping, blood-pumping synth heavy track. Tomorrow we’ll know for sure what The Glitch Mob’s version “Crawl Outta Love” is all about!

P.S. We’re just so happy The Glitch Mob is back!

Crawl Outta Love (The Glitch Mob Remix)