It goes without saying that India Sweeney is making grounds to becoming one the most exciting new faces in the Aus music spectrum.

The Wollongong local turned heads earlier this year with her stunning, debut single – a track that a quirky yet forward thinking approach to pop and electronica, a sound that has been developed upon and furthered with her new track, ‘To The Ground’.

Out Stoney Roads Records, ‘To The Ground’ sees Sweeney pair catchy vocal work with some building instrumentals that lead to a climactic chorus that is bound to stick in your mind after the first listen. This, contrasting with some st, calming piano keys create a rather abstract pop tune with a clear electronic influence.

Speaking on the release, Sweeney writes: “The song’s about wanting to be able to control your mind and feel ok, but how your mind stops you. ‘Up, down, all around’ are those three feelings you get when you feel all over the place.”

Listen to ‘To The Ground’ below.