If ‘Aunty Tracy’s Cookie’s weren’t enough for you, try Joyride’s new video for ‘Blue Batmans’ something that depicts the song it was inspired by perfectly and is entirely what we expected nothing more, nothing less but pure tripstacy.

You’ll be met by the man himself, as he takes a surreal tour of a virtual world that’ll have you feeling like your on your way to watching a family friendly 90’s sitcom, but in reality you’re entering into the kooky world of Joyride and his take on what it really is to listen to Blue Batmans, narratored by his own inimitable voice shining bright, of course.

With several, high-quality outfit changes, distorted video cuts and a kaleidoscope of colours, you’ll be sitting throughout 5 minutes and 30 seconds of euphoria. This probably isn’t one to be watched while sober or at your 9-5. Get listening with a group of mates while you’re sinking down some tinnies and let the good times roll.

Watch Blue Batmans video here: