The bass demon Kai Wachi has officially dropped his brand new EP “All my Demons” and it is an energetic, fast-paced whirlwind of tracks that is sure to hit you hard. A compilation of tunes that clearly represent Kai Wachi and his musical talents, it is no wonder this artist has been a staple in the bass music scene for so long.

All the songs reflect the Kai Wachi style, complete with crisp synth work, dark melodic ideas, grimey bass design and pristine production. The EP explores a variety of different genres in the bass music realm and beyond. It is everything a fan of bass music could ask for, each song brings the listener into the world of Kai Wachi and takes them away to a place filled with ferocious attacks of headbanging mayhem.

Make sure to check out Kai Wachi’s “All My Demons” EP below…

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