Lane 8 is without a doubt one of my favorite artists in all of electronic music. I have followed him in the very beginning when he was releasing off of French Express as well as Anunadeep. His productions always had an etheral, if not otherworldly quality to them. Lane 8’s innate talent of injecting introspection and emotion into his productions has helped him become one of the most enigmatic producers in the game.

His style of house music is as suited for long solo drives at night as it is for the club. Each track is a sonic journey, sometimes visiting emotional lows, sometimes captures the highest euphoric highs. In recent years Lane 8 has taken on many new endeavors. Ranging from extended sets which banned the use of phones, to start his own label, This Never Happened. Lane 8’s brand asks listeners to stop what they are doing and become engrossed by his music.

Lane 8 Essential Mix 2018

In late April, Lane 8 debuted a gorgeous two-hour mix on BBC Radio 1 for Pete Tong’s iconic show. While each track is a journey in its own right, this mix has been meticulously crafted to create and air of mystery and curiosity. With each transition the listner has no idea what to expect next, making this just so much fun to listen to. The word “hypnotic” comes to mind within the opening minutes. Lane 8 pulls listeners in and provides them with a range of emotions to experience over the course of 2 hours.

In this mix Lane 8 has offered his fans, and new listeners alike an opportunity to unplug from the real world and float away to the delicately complex inner workings of his mind. Do yourself a favor and check this mix out below. It might just the be the fastest 2 hours of your life.