LISTEN: Kompany Drops Explosive ‘Quorum’ EP Featuring Collabs w/ Kai Wachi, Barely Alive & More

It’s finally here. Quorum, the long-awaited EP from Kompany is out now via vaunted bass music imprint Disciple Recordings. Featuring collaborations with Kai Wachi, Barely Alive, Staysick & more, the Quorum EP is a everything bass music fans will come to expect from Kompany, packed with energy, dynamism, and pristine production.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, bass music is so much more than what meets the eyes (and ears). For the casual fans of electronic dance music, they’ll appreciate the adrenaline-building, climax-inducing elements of Kompany’s music. But a deeper listen into his music will reveal a level of technical skill and production knowhow that will rival any of the most accomplished electronic music producers in the world. Each production in the Quorum EP can rightfully be considered a symphony and Kompany is the maestro, the conductor behind each of the seven tracks presented. There is a method to this madness, a borderline scientific meticulousness that fuels the glorious, sonic chaos in the Quorum EP.

To put it simply, this EP goes extremely hard but it would be a shame for the creativity and mastery to take a backseat to the pulsing energy that obviously emanates throughout the body of work. “Solar Plexus” is a gut punch, letting listener’s know that they’re about to embark on a journey of epic proportions. The aptly-titled “Pumpany” with noted fitness enthusiast Kai Wachi is an amalgamation of styles between the two producers, blending power with finesse for a wild ride from start to finish. Waste no more time reading and get to listening via the link below:

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LISTEN: Kompany Drops Explosive ‘Quorum’ EP Featuring Collabs w/ Kai Wachi, Barely Alive & More

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