The esteemed Australia label Sweat it Out, brings us the driving techno funk of “Angel”, the lead single and focus track on the next installment of Club Sweat’s infamous Work Out Series Compilation.
Out today, this edgy booty shaking workout perfectly crafted for those late night sessions is the newest collab from Billboard’s latest “emerging DJ on the scene” and Your EDM’s “40 artists to watch 2020” LP Giobbi with NYC’s chart topping premiere duo Crush Club. Guaranteed to fill the dancefloor with sweat, Angel is the product of low end east coast funk merging with thumping west coast tech-house.

While the NY duo is known for their bouncy bass lines topped with fierce diva vocals, “Angel” features a darker techno-influenced sound that’s inspired by many late-night B2B DJ sets both artists enjoyed together all over the country and abroad –  according to Crush Club “We’re all bringing that show-time vibe to the studio. We met LP Giobbi while on tour together, so our friendship and collaborations are built on this insane, heightened show energy. When we’re jamming, we’re all bringing that show-time vibe to the studio, and essentially playing a game of who is going to have the craziest idea. There’s nothing more fun and inspiring than collaborating with LP, and you can hear it in ‘Angel’.”

LP adds “Angel started as a drum loop from Elektron’s Digitakt drum machine. We were just goofing around in the studio having a ton of fun throwing out phrases like “I’m not your angel” and “you do the math, add it up.” There was a lot of laughing in between takes which you can actually hear at the very beginning of the track. I always have a blast when I get to be in the studio with Crush Club!”