2017 proved to be a big year for Discogs, with the online music hub’s annual report sharing some interesting findings this week.

One the most exciting findings from the report, and something we should all dish up a slow clap for, was that Newcastle born Mall Grab came in at 14th place overall for new album sales with his ‘Pool Party Music’ EP that dropped early in the year Hot Haus Records.

The album was in good company in the top 20 albums sold, joining the likes David Bowie, Gorillaz, Young Marco and Radiohead who took out the number spot with ‘OK Computer’.

As well as this, Discogs showed that overall everything was growing, from their database to sales, with a 20% jump in total units sold. Music wise, the most popular genre the year was Rock, followed by Electronic, Pop and Funk/Soul.

Check out the full report right and revisit Mall Grab’s ‘Pool Party Music’ EP below.