While the world is focused on EDC Las Vegas this weekend a little piece of news was confirmed in an interview. Of course, since this news involved Martin Garrix, TheMartinGarrixHub was the first to pick up on it and confirm it.

In a recent interview, Martin Garrix confirmed that June would be a major month in terms of releases for him. While Martin has dropped some innovative and unexpected tunes so, in 2018, it seems that his next 2 tracks will be focused towards appeasing the mainstream crowds a little bit.

On June 7th we can expect to hear ‘Outside’ from Martin and Fetty Wap. On the 15th, ‘Ocean’ a collaboration with Khalid will be released. So there you have it. Two back to back high profile collaborations will be ready to greet you as June begins. Check out the confirmation from The Martin Garrix Hub below.