Emma Swann

If you’re anything like me, MGMT hold a very special place in your teenage heart. Songs like ‘Kids’ and ‘Electric Feel’ helped soundtrack my youth, the good times and the bad, and for that I am forever grateful for those sweet, sweet Indie-Electronic ambassadors.

Naturally, when I heard MGMT were coming back, I was a little stoked. Sure, there were some concerns in how they would sound after all these years, but those concerns were slashed when I heard their return track ‘When You Die’ that dropped in December.

Not a very comforting title, sure, but it was a definite sign good things to come, as well as a musical maturity from the pair that has clearly been keeping them busy for the past half decade.

From here, it didn’t take long to get a follow up release, and it came in the form the album’s title track, ‘Little Dark Age’. This high energy, lyrically intricate song serves as way setting the tone for the album, a project that shifts from fun, energetic tracks to deeper, more intimate cuts that all mesh together poignantly to create the narrative their ‘Little Dark Age’.

It’s clear from this album that MGMT have evolved from ‘Kids’ to men, and I for one am all for it. Oh, and excuse that dreadful pun.

Listen to ‘Little Dark Age’ in full below.