Mindek – End Of The Line

If you haven’t heard of the UK duo Mindek it wouldn’t be a huge surprise. But it’s time for you to stop sleeping. Being heavily involved in both Spektrum Talent, a UK based talent agency, and Label Worx, a label management service, has given Alex Powell and Matt Abbott a unique understanding of the music industry. Complimented with years of DJ experience and the invaluable skills of mixing and mastering engineers, it is no surprise that this duo is producing incredible music. Their newest single ‘End Of The Line,’ out now on Vangelis Kostoxenakis‘s label Talk Of The Town, is a testament to their hard work and experience as professionals at the highest levels of the techno and house world.

Coming out of the gate with a chunky bass line and a precisely crafted psychedelic high end, Mindek holds no punches on their latest track. The UK duo creates the sensation of being stretched and pulled apart, only to resolve the tension with a heavy hitting kick drum that brings the listener back to reality in the drop. Accompanied by the sensational lines “Somebody asked me if there was some type of situation where people were actually selling their souls to the music industry,” and “Are people actually listening to what’s going on?”,  ‘End Of The Line’ is the perfect representation of two impressive musical talents who understand the ins and outs of the professional music world.

But fans of weird underground tech house get another surprise on this release. Label boss Vangelis Kostoxenakis provides a remix to the single as well! Retaining essential elements of the original, Kostoxenakis adds his personal flair to ‘End Of The Line’. Complete with a high hat that would impress any tech house lover, clap patterns that rattle your brain, and even more psychedelic arrangement than the original, Vangelis is always impressive in his production. And adding his own remix to a release on his label highlights the quality of Mindek’s original piece.

You can listen below to the impressive ‘End Of The Line’ by Mindek and the Vangelis Kostoxenakis remix. Once you fall in love you can purchase the release exclusively on Traxsource for the time being. Let the Mindek boys and VK know what you think about these incredible tracks and we’ll be sure to send it along.

Mindek – End Of The Line | Download