Showtek recently brought one Moby‘s most beloved tracks back to life… However, it’s one those revamps that might have been better left untouched.

“Natural Blues,” a deep, soulful, instantly recognized 1999 classic gets taken to a brand new extreme in the version below. Comparing it to the original, it sounds like night and day — which in its defense is the point a remix. There’s just something about Showtek’s happy take on “Natural Blues” that sounds, well, unnatural.

Showtek are happy with the result and that’s really all that matters: “Honored to work with the iconic Moby. The original version is one our favorite songs, so when Moby and his team approached us to re-produce the original, we got very excited!”

It’s not everyday two heavy hitting acts like this get together to redo a dance music classic. What do you think the upbeat take on “Natural Blues?”

Showtek x Moby – Natural Blues

Moby – Natural Blues