News: Alfa Matrix launches post-punk / coldwave record label SPLEEN+

Alfa Matrix, known for their wide array of industrial and underground electronic releases, are branching out into new genres with the launch of their brand-new record label SPLEEN+. This genre will be diving into post-punk, coldwave, and new wave releases given the thriving popularity of the genre in recent years. SPLEEN+ has launched with the release of The Ultimate Dreamers and IMJUDAS. 
The Ultimate Dreamers were active in the mid-80s, taking heavy influence from British Post-punk and Belgian cold-wave scenes. After going on an indefinite hiatus, The Ultimate Dreamers resurrected during the COVID-lockdowns and have since refurbished themselves. They came back to prominence with the release of “Live Happily While Waiting For Death” on CD and Vinyl, a collection of songs from the past. Their new release on Spleen+ features two brand-new tracks, two remixes, as well as the original 1987 demo of ‘I Love You?’. Check it out below. 
ImJudas, a solo project from Maxx Maryan, has released two EPs on Spleen+, both being extensions of his debut album “Yrjudas”. ‘So Untrue’ contains the original track, two additional remixes, a remix of ‘Ritual’, and two demos from 2016 with ‘People of the Blame’ following suit. These two EPs close out ImJudas’ “Yrjudas” era. You can check out one of the EPs below. 

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