News: Bara Hari releases brand-new single / music video ‘Agoraphobic’

Dark pop artist Bara Hari has released her brand-new single / music video ‘Agoraphobic’. The video was self-produced by Sam Franco (Bara Hari) and Ian Flux. The DIY approach is similar to many of Bara Hari’s other productions, utilizing a guerilla style of filmmaking and editing to create smoky, retro feeling visuals. Much of the costuming is handmade in her videos lending Bara Hari’s visuals a unique flair. ‘Agoraphobic’ can be streamed directly below; best watched when you’re in a bathtub. 

‘Agoraphobic’ comes off of Bara Hari’s forthcoming album “Lesser Gods” which is due out on May 26th, 2023 via Re:Mission Entertainment in both digital and vinyl formats. The album will contain ten songs altogether, which “aims to tell the listener stories that blur the lines between dark fantasies and harsh realities.” The album will be up for pre-order soon. In the meantime, you can purchase the single HERE.

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