News: BARA HARI transforms into a Queen in new music video ‘Violence Rising’

Dark pop songstress and multi-media do-it-all BARA HARI has released her brand-new music video ‘Violence Rising’. In a bit of LARPing (and don’t you dare cringe at that term; we all wish we could do it more than we do), BARA HARI dresses up as a medieval Queen roaming through a church and the crypts found within.  A renaissance festival behind the trappings of alternative electronic and pop music with wicked blades, candlelit catacombs, velvet dresses, and the shadow of a wolf. Find the music video below and stream. 

For this video, I wanted to take the wolf metaphor and turn it into sort of a Grimm’s fairytale. It centers around the theme of a queen who gets lured into the trap of a wolf who transforms her into a beast. I wrote this song about how there is no absolute right or wrong and those who think themselves the most righteous are often the ones with the most blood on their hands. In one way or another, we are all wolves.

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