News: Beborn Beton bops while bowling in brand-new ballad ‘Dancer in the Dark’

If the alliteration in the title for this post wasn’t enough to gain your attention than I have failed; but where I fall, perhaps the German synthpop band Beborn Beton will succeed. They have just released their brand-new single ‘Dancer in the Dark’ which features the band having one of the most dramatic bowling sessions I’ve ever seen. While they dance, other times they sip on their drinks and look at the camera seemingly about to cry as they sing along to the lyrics of their song. It looks to me as if these fellows could benefit from a nice hug, a hot cup of tea, and one or two therapy sessions. But, hey, I suppose music will suffice as therapy. You can watch the video below. Perfect for the next time your local bowling alley has Leagues. 

The times that we’re living in right now will determine the fate for the planet and for generations to come. Don’t let what now feels like the end of the world sweep you off your dancing feet. -Stefan Netschio, vocalist 

‘Dancer in the Dark’ comes off of Beborn Beton’s forthcoming album “Darkness Falls Again”, which will be released via Dependent Records in digital and limited-edition vinyl / CD formats. You can pre-order it HERE.

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