News: Electronic act Gleaming releases new EP “We Dissolve”

Electronic act Gleaming has released their brand-new EP “We Dissolve”. This is a reflection of his own past; a bit of a tribute to something he was once and all that he has ever been. A tumultuous culmination of depression, habits, partners, family, friends, and more. Gleaming’s attempt on this EP is to bring closure to himself and look at life in a brighter, happier way. You can stream / purchase “We Dissolve” directly below. And, don’t worry. Listening to it won’t actually make you, or anyone else you might be listening to it with, dissolve. 

After drumming for a handful of different screamo and indie/dream-pop bands, I found my way to electronic music. I wanted to take the inspiration and influence from artists I love and blend it with my experience in the indie and dream/synth-pop bands. Creating a dark, danceable tone with really catchy melodies and lyrics, hoping to capture the perfect segue from dark to light.Darryl Schomberg II (Gleaming)

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