News: Industrial Metal act Coiled as Devilry releases new album

Industrial metal project Coiled as Devilry has released his brand-new album “To Those We Lost, and To Those Who Remain to Remember”. CaD has been on a bit of an experimental journey as their previous album “The Winter We Take With Us” dived into ambient and lofi sounds. “To Those We Lost…” brings CaD back to their roots: aggressive electronics and heavy distorted guitars. CaD has also revamped their lyrical presence, adding in more of a personal touch to a few of the compositions on the album. CaD promises “darkly cinematic flavorurs with brutality and pounding beats.” You can stream / purchase the album directly below: 

Coiled As Devilry is Ceri Davies, a London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer. Under CaD, Davies explores metal, electro, trip-hop, and experimental music. 

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