News: Rotersand channels their inner Obi-Wan with new single ‘Higher Ground’

Industrial pop project Rotersand has unleashed their brand-new single ‘Higher Ground’. Judging by the title alone, I can only imagine Rotersand mimicked the name from the infamous scene in Star Wars: Episode III where Obi-Wan infamously claimed that he had the high ground before skewering Anakin and leaving him to char near lava. Nonetheless and ramblings aside, this single comes a year-to-date after their previous single ‘Grey’ released. This is but a taste, and not the full course, of what’s to come on Rotersand’s unannounced but-we-know-it’s-coming next album. You can stream it directly below. 

‘Higher Ground’ also comes with what’s described as a mystery remix by Everndorff. I’m unsure why it’s so mysterious but I might call Scooby and the gang to figure it out. An additional edit of the single is available on Spotify, as well, so be sure to check that out and spot the differences. Rotersand also has a string of dates in Europe planned, but as they are unannounced yet and there’s multiple countries in Europe, perhaps that’s the real mystery. 

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