News: Testube releases brand-new remix ‘Ztag Pickup (XCAB Remix)’

Experimental electronic outfit Testube released his first album in a while, “Backwater”, in April of 2022. He followed that up with the companion remix album “Forthwater”, and following that he’s releasing a brand-new remix that he didn’t get to finish in time for ‘Forthwater’. Titled ‘Ztag Pickup (XCAB Remix)’, you can stream / purchase it directly below .

Sometimes you’re working on a track, and it just doesn’t get finished in time to make it onto a release. And you just sorta forget it ever existed, until you’re cleaning up your hard drive one day and you stumble across it again with a fresh set of ears. That is the case with this remix, which wasn’t finished when the Forthwater remix album was ready for release. With a fresh perspective, I dug back into it and managed to polish it up nicely. It’s free to download – happy spring, my friends!

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