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News: Worms of the Earth, Seven Trees founders launch record label Arcane Dirge

Dan Barrett of Worms of the Earth and Henrik Karlsson of Seven Trees have formed a brand-new record label titled Arcane Dirge. Arcane Dirge promises to focus on post-industrial and dark ambient music, citing legendary labels such as Cold Meat Industry, Cyclic Law, and Malignant as influences. They are having a major launch at the end of the week with two releases initiating Arcane Dirge’s musical philosophy. The first of which is a sixteen track compilation titled “Arcanum Vol. 1”, which spans the post-industrial field. The likes of raison d’être, Gnawed, Apocryphos, Access to Arasaka, The Vomit Arsonist, and more are featured on the compilation. Every track on the album is exclusive to it; copies will be available in 2CD and digital formats.

The second release from the label comes from Subverge, who is also featured on “Arcanum Vol. 1”. This is the debut album of Subverge, the side project of Henrik Karlsson. Karlsson has had these recordings dormant for some time now, with his first experiments dating back to 1993. Demos were had but nothing came to; instead, Karlsson put his time and effort toward Seven Trees, and experienced released on Zoth Ommog, Metropolis Records, Progress Productions, and Energy Rekords. However, recently Karlsson felt it was time to do something different. The album is described as a “back to the roots” dark ambient album, citing early Raison D’etre and In Slaughter Natives as influences. You can grab it in both digital and CD formats.

Arcane Dirge is also currently running a special; you can nab both releases in a bundle and save a few bucks on the physical product.

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