NewsNight Slugs celebrate 10 years with a huge compilation

Night Slugs celebrate 10 years with a huge compilation

After a decade producing some the most distinctive club sounds across the UK and abroad, Night Slugs mark the tenth year since their inception with a brand new instalment their Night Slugs All Stars series.

In addition to new tracks from Girl Unit, Kelela, Asmara Nguzunguzu along with others from the roster, All Stars X will also feature remixes, alternate versions and VIP mixes past tracks from Bok Bok, Lil Silva, Jam City, L-Vis 1990 and Hysterics. To accompany the compilation, Night Slugs will celebrate by throwing a series overseas shows, rare events and a pop up shop. As well as All Stars X, the future the label will see a string upcoming releases including Girl Unit’s debut album “Song Feel” and the Night Slugs White Label Compilation, consisting rare vinyl-only tracks from the past.

Night Slugs co-founder Bok Bok spoke on the 10th anniversary the label admitting “It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years! It’s been both a crazy ride with many battles, but also feels like a moment, a singular flash, because our intentions really haven’t changed much from the start.” later adding “What started as a DIY club night in Camberwell grew into a decade-spanning story involving multiple continents and a varying cast artists.”

Following their 10th anniversary, Night Slugs will be touring across Europe with more dates and cities to be revealed soon.

Listen to Lil Silva’s remix Bok Bo’s ‘Silo Pass’ here.


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