Thanks to Pioneer DJ it will now be a hell a lot easier to record DJ sets on your iPhone or iPad. With the , and any the company’s compatible DJM mixers equipped with a send/return feature, you can record a live mix using a USB cable.

The app can also work as a simple live-stream tool, letting you broadcast over YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram and Snapchat. The recorded mix (a WAV file) can be quickly uploaded to MixCloud, SoundCloud and Dropbox.

Pioneer has a new app that will record your live mix to your iPhone

The small catch is that the DJM-REC is only compatible with some Pioneer’s mixers. The very least you’ll have to fork out is $US699 for the DJM-450 if you’re not fortunate enough to already have the right mixer.

At the moment the DJM-REC is only available on the US App Store, but watch this space — it’ll be a lifesaver for DJs who forget their portable recorder.