You might not know them just yet, but Pleasure Coma are the Sydney outfit with a no holes barred take on music that certainly extends into their aesthetic and for that they are turning heads.

Fronted by local legend and former junior wrestling referee Tasker El Tasker, the group will be taking to Sosueme this Wednesday for a free show alongside Bleeding Knees Club and Sydney selector Flex Mami among others. We figured a playlist was in order to give you all an ides what this group is about.

In their own words, Pleasure Coma describe the playlist as such: “Before playing a show we perform an elaborate and meticulous ritual summoning The Energia, aka the life force groove and funk. It ten involves copious amounts cheap vodka and nudity is always set to the soundtrack this playlist.”

Listen to their playlist below and be sure to catch them this Wednesday. Find out more on the event right .