NewsQUIX just got a tidy rework from Hydraulix

QUIX just got a tidy rework from Hydraulix

Hot f his run with Alison Wonderland’s Scarehouse Project, QUIX is showing no signs stopping any time soon.

Having ended 2017 with a slew releases featuring Slumberjack & Josh Pan, What So Not, KRANE and Ekali, 2018 looks like its going to be QUIX’s year.

Keeping the ball rolling heavy into the new year, his latest single, ‘STORM’ has received a numbingly large remix from fellow heavy-bass provider Hydraulix.

The remix has some serious bounce to it, making it hard for listeners to stay still. While the intro is basically untouched, the new direction the drop is a welcomed addition, with some serious recoil. It is reminiscent a slinky, with its wonky, springy, distorted synth swings and fluctuating percussion. Listen to the track below, you’ll get the vibe.

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