This is NOT SATIRE, guys, it’s real this time.

2GB radio host Ray Hadley was informed today of the pre-show entertainment at the forthcoming State Of Origin opener, except he didn’t quite realise it.

When he peered through the run-down of the event and saw the words ‘Peking Duk’, the 63-year-old assumed it was referring to the meal. Classic.

Expressing his confusion on air today, Hadley said “I got really excited a short time ago. Into the studio came an NRL release – ‘Peking Duck in Melbourne’.

“I thought, ‘you little beauty, I love peking duck’… the hoisin sauce, the duck, the pancakes, spring onions… I thought, well this must be something about what’s coming into the media boxes… but I was wrong.”

See the ‘confusing’ press release below.

Radio shock-jock Ray Hadley confuses Peking Duk with Peking Duck. Lol

Ray Hadley, in acceptance of his boggle, left the conversation with “it’s a bad day when you don’t learn something”. You’re dead right, Ray!

(Source: 2GB)