Review: Miss Trezz – Devil’s Daughter

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Miss Trezz’s latest single has a bit of a personal history behind it. While playing a childhood asphyxiation game (note to parents: not recommended), Miss Trezz became unconscious and worse. A near-death experience occurred where she almost lost her life, and she swears that during these moments where life was slipping away, he heard the devil himself laughing and calling her home. Miss Trezz has taken this most traumatizing incident and transformed it into an audio-visual art piece titled ‘Devil’s Daughter’. The music video is a gothic-horror inspired short film, featuring Miss Trezz draped in a black gown, a setting within a spooky forest, and the devil himself.

The twang of guitars begins the single right off the bat as percussion dribbles in like a heartbeat. Miss Trezz’s vocals seep into your veins, a gorgeous combination of powerful vocals and hypnotic whispers. What we get from here on out is a build-up of goth pop production featuring darkened guitars and symphonic elements. On the negative side, I think that tighter production could have cleaned up some artifacts and allowed a lot of the elements to stick out more. I also wasn’t a huge fan of the drums within the song; they felt stale, and as if they were pulled from a pre-generated sound bank without much edited. Overall, Miss Trezz takes a serious moment from her life and spirals it into a creative output. It’s a good, fun song that needs a bit of work, but one that I can see myself stepping back into on occasion. Six-and-a-half out of ten.  

Dec 04 2022

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