Review: spankthenun – Crushing Blow

My little “series”, if I can call it as such, continues on Facebook wherein I make a status stating, “Post something you’ve released this month.” And should I find something that i like and deem worthy enough of my time, then I’ll write about it for a couple of minutes and spread the word as to how good it is. This week, my attention was brough to spankthenun’s most recent single (well, EP more like) “CRUSHING BLOW”. 

The first track to appear on this EP is ‘Bone Crusher (Mechanical Version)’ which was remixed and tortured (oh, how kinky) by Mechanical Vein. After a bit of cinematic electro intro with acoustic guitar (post-apocalyptic western, anyone) and some distorted vox, Mechanical Vein fucking crushes it with heavy and dirty beats. You like hard percussion? Yeah, well this song has that. Big beefy beats that do sound like they could, indeed, crush some bones. Heavy industrial for industrial people. 

In a smart move, spankthenun immediately switched genres for the next remix and reached out to witch house producer Dream Black (apologies if I’m not using all the proper CVLT symbols when spelling your name, but I’m tired and don’t feel like copying and pasting. At the same time, I’m taking the time to write all this out, aren’t I? Seems like a waste of time. And it is. Oh well.) to remix ‘Crushing Blow’. As you can expect from witch house, dragging beats and slowed down trancey synths dominate the song. What Dream Black keeps intact from spankthenun’s performance is the heavy percussion that spankthenun always has on tap. Not dancefloor worthy, but a perfect soundtrack for sitting in a dark basement while you light some candles for your next Satanic ritual.

spankthenun then has the balls and the audacity to remix his own song. As if one version wasn’t good enough. Because it wasn’t. You know why? Because two versions makes the song even better. With an emphasis on funky guitar and dialing back the big beats just a tad, it almost becomes a new song just in the same tempo. The final track on the album is the original version of ‘Crushing Blow’. And, if you’re not good at reading through the lines, you can easily expect heavy industrial beats with a bit of a dancefloor vibe and guttural, spoken word lyrics. It’s quite lovely for industrial music and comes with sold production.  

This is the third single from spankthenun’s forthcoming album “The Bunker Tapes Vol III” which is coming June 2023. So be on the lookout. 

Jan 29 2023

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