If you haven’t heard the words rave, anti social behaviour and Victorian tea room all in one article, let alone one sentence, well let us be the first to give it to you.

In an unusual request for a waltz and polka dance over a pounding bass heavy grand piano, a group of individuals are looking to get a license for a venue to do maybe more than just that.

Tredegar, Wales was the place that partygoers chose to request an evening amongst a ‘historically listed’ house to local councils. Deemed to be ridden with anti-social behaviour because of the time of the event was requested, and what could be ingested at these types of parties, councillor Derrick Bevan had this to say, “This [Bedwellty House] is the jewel in our crown. I just think it’s the wrong place to have an event like this.” PC Simon Austin had this to add, “the event will take place on the bank holiday weekend where antisocial behaviour generally increases.”

Secret Rave in proper Victorian style house axed by Police
The house in question

In an opposing point by the event organiser Dan Newman, “I feel this is maybe why a lot of events end up going down the illegal route.” after the proposal was rejected by the council.

Local police have been said to be all over the party like a tipped hat and extended hand at a Waltz. Reports of local police being vigilant over the the coming bank holiday and taking “extra measures” have been expressed.

Have you heard it all yet?

(Source: Mixmag)