Ravers HeatSLANDER – So Long (Ft. Juliana Chahayed)

SLANDER – So Long (Ft. Juliana Chahayed)

Slander – So Long (Ft. Juliana Chahayed)

Back in March, SLANDER tweeted out “for the past two months we took time off from shows and have been working in the studio…AND NOW WE HAVE SO MUCH NEW MUSIC FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!” Boy, have they lived up to their word. The best friend and deejay duo have since released four new original tracks, and one unbelievable remix of an Above & Beyond hit. With their latest release ‘So Long’ the two are keeping their promise and releasing hit after hit.

When thinking of SLANDER, heavy bass and dubstep come to mind. However,  ‘So Long’ is not your usual SLANDER track. Beginning with young newcomer Juliana Chahayed’s vocals, the song is emotive and not the typical aggressive dubstep or bass that SLANDER tracks usually provide. Recently, EDMTunes got to sit down with SLANDER, and the LA producers had this to say about their latest song:

Check out ‘So Long’ below.

SLANDER – So Long (Ft. Juliana Chahayed) | Stream


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