Big day, Donny fans, the lord himself has shared a brand new music video and announced his long awaited debut album.

The single, titled ‘Santorini’, sees Benét take a dive head first into that neo-disco sound he has become known for, pairing the nostalgic audio porn with a vibrant, beachside music video starring none other than the don himself, and a very sexy sax solo.

Now onto the BIGGER news. Along with his new single, Donny has confirmed his debut album, aptly titled ‘The Don’, is coming out in less than two months time.

The Don’ is due out on Remote Control Records on April 6 and can be pre-ordered . Check out the tracklisting below and check out his latest single ‘Santorini’ to hold you over.

‘The Don’ tracklist

1. Working Out
2. Love Online
3. You’re Too Good
4. Santorini
5. Reach The Top
6. Konichiwa
7. Night in Rome
8. Just Leave Him