Spoonbill and Dropbear team up to create an epicly vibrant music video for Spoonbill’s new single “Dirtyca”. It is a visual feast of colour and movement combining elaborate costumes, custom set design and contemporary choreography. This is the first single from the forthcoming Crosshatch EP being released US Label Addictech Records.

It kicks off with a mysterious girl covered in mud who enters a surreal future-retro salon. Colourful arms (very Dr. Seuss) orchestrate a habitual cleaning frenzy in an attempt to transform her into a polished piece of art. It’s a high energy makeover with a festive dance sequence. However, a flaw is discovered and the girl is rejected back into the mayhem of arms. It’s a wild psychedelic ride, strap in and hold on tight.

Spoonbill – Dirtyca is viewable now on youtube and will be available on all good digital retailers this Friday 18 May courtesy of Addictech Records.